We Are Church - Church Together, June 2017


Francis warns the church about the false prophets who try to reassure you that there isn't going to be judgment. And they say: "No disaster shall come upon you." God says these prophets are claiming to speak from His name, but they are speaking from their own hearts. The problem is that the Bible speaks about it clearly that God's wrath is going to be as intense as His love, and nobody can stop Him. Just read the Bible and see how extreme His wrath will be. No one can stand under such intense wrath. We should take it seriously and not deceive ourselves. If you are not calling for God's mercy - you'll meet His wrath one day.


Jeremiah 23:11, 16-28; Isaiah 55: 8-9; Psalm 51:7; Daniel 4:35; Nahum 1:2-6; Revelation 20:10-15


False Prophets God's Wrath Judgement