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About Francis

Francis Chan is the best-selling author of books, Crazy Love, Forgotten God, Erasing Hell and the host of the BASIC video series. He has also written the children’s books Halfway Herbert, The Big Red Tractor and the Little Village and Ronnie Wilson’s Gift.

Francis is the founding pastor of Cornerstone Church in Simi Valley, California, and is the founder of Eternity Bible College. He also sits on the board of directors of World Impact. Francis now lives in Northern California with his wife, Lisa, and their five children.


Due to the hundreds of emails that come in on a daily basis, it is impossible for Francis to arrange meetings and answers the many questions he receives and yet continue to do the work that the Lord is leading him to do. He hopes that you understand that we cannot answer individual and personal emails. Francis encourages you to contact a local pastor in your area for answers to your theological questions.

Below is a list of “frequently asked questions” that may help: